Pitch-Perfect Marketing Presence

Meet your on-demand Chief Marketing Officer

No one likes an off-key note in their business

Is your communications strategy hitting the right notes with your target market? Are you getting the traction you want from your marketing presence? Are your results measurable and do they support your business goals?

A well-orchestrated online and offline presence performs like a symphony. Every component is finely tuned to reflect your messaging. Brand touch-points resonate in an authentic, consistent voice. Campaigns execute perfectly with measurable results. And your business grows because your ideal clients search for and identify you as their perfect solution.

To achieve that kind of success in a crowded, fast-paced marketing world takes clarity, passion, and proven strategies.

How can you make this happen?

By letting Maestra harmonize your marketing presence.

WHY MAESTRAA strong, authentic marketing footprint showcases your uniqueness

Gain Clarity On Your Next Steps

We help you answer the right questions and reduce your confusion by defining a clear action plan that serves as the foundation for your marketing projects.

Focus On Your Business Growth

We take care of all your marketing needs: strategy set up, project delivery, and contract negotiation to secure your highest return on investment.

Work Smartly and Efficiently

We work on-site or remotely. We collaborate with your resources and/or supply our own talent. We scale to any business need, budget, and timeline.



with a strong marketing foundation that ampliflies your presence


END-TO-END MARKETING SERVICESCarefully crafted to fit any business size and budget

Marketing Coaching

Private 1-on-1 marketing coaching to help you build and execute a strong, profitable marketing plan and communications foundation that captures the attention of your target audience.

Done-For-You Services

Floating marketing and communications department that integrates seamlessly within your company and helps you drive consistent, profitable business without any restructuration hassle.

Projects à la Carte

Specific, attainable, measurable projects masterminded just for you, on time and on budget: a new website, brand refresh, trade show promotion, strategic campaign or product launch.

PACKAGESChoice is a beautiful thing

Do-It-Yourself PlanIdeal for confusedsolopreneurs and small businesses

90 days

Marketing assessment

Action plan with defined priorities

10 coaching sessions

Implementation support

Accountability partner


Done-For-You PlanIdeal for overwhelmed SMBsready for the next growth level

180 days

Marketing assessment

Strategic plan with timeline and budget

20 sessions

Implementation of 2 key projects

Monthly report

Internal marketing process


Invoice terms available


À La Carte PlanIdeal for companies in need ofspecific skill sets for timely projects

By project deliverables

Discovery session

Project plan with budget, resources and timeline

Sub-contract negotiations

Project management

Project report


YOU ARE IN GOOD COMPANYWe help people like...

JoAnn Kevala
Former Marketing Director
“I recommend Maestra to any company who wants to keep pace with their audience with high-quality, targeted, lucrative, and budget-efficient marketing programs.”

Joe Janson
Omega Unfold
“The biggest benefit for me has been freeing up my time to focus on developing our core product.”

Courtney Maier
Director, Subscription
Postmedia Network
“Maestra brought great strength to our team and has introduced us to many innovative and creative ways to execute our sales campaigns.”

PORTFOLIOHere is a brief showcase of our work!

WE BELIEVE IN...Authenticity, Integrity and Accountability

Let's find your symphony

Our vision is to empower businesses of all sizes and industries to build authentic digital marketing and strong communication foundations that are true to their audience needs and stand out within the fast-paced digital world.

We believe in a harmonious mix of authenticity, creativity, diversity, collaboration, accountability, and fun. We love helping our clients articulate their visions and create the perfect symphony of business components to amplify their true voice within their market.

We do that by carefully listening to the business as a whole and we carefully pinpoint the off-key that disrupts the symphony. It may be a small tweak into the sales process, a product-adoption limitation, or an off-balance positioning strategy. Whatever it is, we create customized strategies that are unique to each business because we all know that you will never influence the world and make it better by trying to be like everyone else!

OUR PROCESSto bring your vision to life

We start with a branding and marketing audit to review your efforts to date and identify any gaps or misalignment. The goal is to establish a realistic picture and determine approach and resources.

Following research and interviews, we develop a focused marketing strategy with a clear action plan, measurable goals, and detailed budget allocation for the next month, quarter, 6-months or year.

We work closely with your resources or outsource the perfect team to execute your marketing strategy and implement customized projects that resonate with your brand, customers, and prospects.

We help you drive revenue by building a lead generation engine that includes internal processes, sales and marketing alignment, targeted campaigns, content creation, email, and marketing automation.

Once the foundation is set, this engagement focuses on growing your lead opportunities, analyzing and optimizing your ongoing campaigns and tweaking programs to maximize efficiency and revenue growth.

We finally provide you with customized training to grow your internal talent, support you in hiring marketing staff, and leave you with a clear process to continually gain value from your investment.

WHO IS BEHIND MAESTRAA little bit about me..

Asmaa Methqal
Asmaa Methqal
Founder | Strategic Marketing Communications Advisor

I have an ongoing passion for all things marketing and communications. I love rolling up my sleeves and diving into a company’s marketing programs, assessing and analyzing what they have and developing an actionable strategy that brings results they can see and measure.


I have been told I am a straight talker with boundless energy and strong determination for meeting goals. My recipe is simple: my success is derived from the success of my clients. For me, there is nothing more exciting than creating a harmonized digital marketing and communications strategy that is authentic and innovative.


My professional background is a dynamic blend of marketing, branding, technology, communications, sales, and technical expertise from both the agency side and the client side. With more than 19 years of executive-level, bilingual experience working for large industries, I provide companies and multi-disciplinary teams with powerful insights on how to build flexible business processes, strong brands, compelling messaging, and successful marketing and communications initiatives while achieving the highest return on investment.


In a fast paced marketing world, I am always looking for ways to improve online strategies and procedures for my clients. Connect with me and let me show you how beautiful a harmonized marketing and communications strategy can be — and even sound!

BEYOND MAESTRA...Ongoing Involvements

Associate Faculty

As part of the School of Business at Royal Roads University, I teach Entrepreneurial Marketing and Design Thinking to the BCom program in Entrepreneurial Management.

Entrepreneur In Residence

I support clients of the Coast Capital Savings Innovation Centre at UVIC to think more entrepreneurially about their venture and provide coaching and mentoring as needed.

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